• 12 Tonne DAF joins the Delivery Fleet

    Joining the fleet of delivery vehicles is our third 12 tonne DAF with a Fassi rear-mounted crane. Laurence Edwards will be making deliveries around St Albans area in the vehicle with our distinctive “bee” logo, registration plate BU17 TLS. Give … Continued

    24 Jul 2017 in Fleet, News
  • BU17 TTL joins the fleet

    The latest of four new HGVs for 2017 has arrived in Enfield. This DAF 26 tonne crane vehicle has the distinctive registration number BU17 TTL; not that our customers could mistake us for anyone else, as our distinctive “Bee” logo … Continued

    14 Apr 2017 in Fleet, News
  • New Year, New Wheels

    Buttle’s drivers Mark Wheatley and Terry Rutland have started the year with new DAF commercial vehicles. Mark, from Kentish Town, has a new LDV pickup which is perfect for tight London deliveries. Terry, from Leighton Buzzard, has a new DAF … Continued

    24 Jan 2017 in Fleet, News
  • Roland’s Big Prize for Passing Test

    When Kentish Town delivery driver Roland Adap took his LGV Category C Test, there was more at stake than just a driving licence. A brand new DAF LF 12 tonne crane vehicle was due to be delivered to the company’s … Continued

    20 Jun 2016 in Fleet, News, Team
  • Enfield’s new lorry delivers the goods

    Sporting the distinctive Buttle’s “Bee” logo, the newest addition to the company’s HGV fleet has received an enthusiastic reception from customers and staff at Enfield. The DAF CF330 26 tonne 6-wheel crane lorry, supplied by Harris DAF, features a rear-mounted … Continued

    16 Jul 2015 in Fleet, News
  • A FORS to be reckoned with

    Buttle’s has been awarded FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Multi Operating Centre Bronze accreditation. FORS is a method of recognising fleet operations which comply with the requirements of the FORS standard. The FORS standard is based upon lawfulness, safety, efficiency, … Continued

    10 Dec 2014 in Fleet, News
  • New lorry for Leighton Buzzard

    Leighton Buzzard branch has taken delivery of a new DAF CF370 26 tonne crane vehicle. Featuring a rear-mounted remote controlled Fassi crane, it’s also the first truck owned by Buttle’s with rear-steering wheels. “This is a very useful feature, which … Continued

    11 Nov 2014 in Fleet, News

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