Reisser 4.5x70mm Cutter Screw Countersunk Pozi Box 200

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Reisser Cutter Screw Countersunk Pozi are highly versatile in their application, they can be used on soft woods, hardwoods and particle boards, as well as being used to fix roof battens. The 2 patented slots, 25mm above, allow you to drill or screw closer to the edge without splitting or damaging the wood.
And with the unique ribs and tucks under the head of the screw, the screw can sit flush and tight to the surface without causing further damage or splintering.

• 2 patented slots to prevent splitting close to edge.

• Self countersinking into all timber and board materials.

• 20x more rust resistance than standard BZP screws.

• Suitable for use on all woods, hard wood, plywood & board materials.
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